You may be an experienced leader or manager who wants to identify new areas of growth or you may just want to know how to start off on the right path.

Either way, we can help you on your continuing journey of leadership.

Leaders and managers

“A boss has the title, a leader has the people” - S. Sinek

It All Starts With You - Leadership program

You’ve been asked to lead a group of people – whether that’s 8, 80, or 8000 people from Point A to Point B.  But how do you get there?

With one unified model of leadership—vision, alignment, and execution—it focuses on helping you understand your own leadership style and how your tendencies influence your effectiveness in specific leadership situations.


Participants Take-Aways

  • Recognize the priorities and tendencies, based on your own DiSC style, that shape your approach to the fundamental work of leaders: creating a vision, building alignment around that vision, and championing execution of the vision
  • Explore in detail how to play to your strengths and overcome challenges to improve your leadership effectiveness
  • Identify strategies to develop preferred behaviors based on context-specific best practices

Our programs are different because we will customize the workshop to fit your specific needs.  This program can be offered as virtual or in-person workshops ranging from ½ day – full day programs.  We can also incorporate this program into a longer term engagement to deliver the most value to your organizations.

Executive and Professional Coaching

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