Looking for HR Expertise?

Marion Witte and the Witte Consulting Group are dedicated to partnering with you, your organization and your teams as you identify those areas in which you are ready to challenge yourselves, change the status quo and be the best YOU.


Everyone has a story – your story deserves to be heard.  Witte Consulting Group’s mission is to listen and partner with you as you leave your comfort zone and take the next steps towards the future.

“Marion's an experienced HR professional and coach. She's walked the walk at large companies and knows how to apply that experience to benefit her clients!” Scott M.

We enable success for:


If people are a company’s most important asset, then HR is the function that needs to create the environment for them to be successful.  We can collaborate on any HR process/program needs including Talent Development, Employee Engagement, Organization Design and HR Strategy.

Leaders & Managers

Develop soft skills to help engage your staff, boost morale and achieve success with effective one-to-one coaching that starts with answering three questions:  WHAT do you want to work on?  What do YOU want to work on? What do you want to WORK on?

Individuals & Teams

Engage your teams: Create a trusting environment between individuals and teams by understanding the diversity and strengths that everyone brings to the table.  Recognize productive conflict as a superpower within your groups. Gain individual commitment and expect accountability so that everyone is focused on the end goal: to achieve higher results than you ever imagined.

Your Career

Whether you have decided to leave your current job or someone has decided that for you – what are your plans now?  Take the time to define WHO you want to be, HOW you will get there and WHAT you will say in your resume, on LinkedIn and during interviews to land the role you want to have.

Why choose Witte Consulting Group?

Because you have a lot on your plate right now.  You've got big work you want to do: for yourself, for your teams, for your organizations.  But something (or someone?) is getting in your way.  You know you need to stop and focus on what's important and how you will get it done.  That's where we come in.  We will tailor an approach that will help you focus on the future, eliminate the procrastination and the confusion and enable you to step up with confidence, take action and make the difference that only you can make.  Our job is to help you discover what you want to do and uncover the answers you had inside you all along.  Our approach is flexible, customizable and solution focused.

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