Marion's Story

I truly believe that everyone has a story that deserves to be heard; so it's only fair that you hear a little bit about my story.   To be honest, I didn't start out wanting to be in human resources- actually, I don't think I even knew what that was when I was in high school.  My father was an entrepreneur and so I had no upbringing with "corporate speak".   What I did know was that I loved everything about musical performances and the feelings I got when I was performing.  So I went to a conservatory to study music management: that way I could still perform while getting a "real" job   and be surrounded by anyone in the entertainment industry.  But as usually happens during college, I was exposed to new paths especially when the Computer Science department started recruiting us music majors to learn computer languages.  So I learned Fortran, Cobol and many others and began to realize there was a world outside of music that was actually quite profitable.  Working at Hewlett Packard in their training department (when they were just rolling out desktop pcs) and then Volvo North America in their "personnel" department were the two catalysts that had me switch to a Human Resources degree. And then double downed with an MBA in Human Resources.   And the rest, as they say, is history:  Over 25 years in Human Resources in the chemical, pharmaceutical and life science industries put me in places around the world where I would connect with people, listen to their stories and work together to achieve incredible success.


Now, with an empty nest at home, and an opportunity to go solo, I can focus on what I have always been passionate about:  helping people, removing barriers and collaborating on big and small solutions for a better world.  I live for the A-ha moments as people embark on their journeys to discover the answers they've always had within themselves.


"Marion is an exceptional individual. An expert in her field and beyond. I have worked with Marion for a significant number of years and enjoyed seeing her in many different roles. In every role she displays a true dedication and commitment and is self driven and self motivated delivering beyond the task. Marion is a true people person and brings out the best in everyone. She is passionate about what she does and will challenge individuals to ensure that they reach/achieve their full potential and become aware of their own strengths and development areas. Marion is a true anchor and a 'must' for a winning team."

A. Ruess, VP Innovation Strategy Execution


"I have had the pleasure of working with Marion on several leadership development programs over the last few years, with both executive- and mid-level managers/leaders. Her ability to formulate, and ultimately execute those programs in a customized way has consistently resulted in significant, material advancements in the strength and capabilities of our leadership. Marion's experience, combined with her insight and energy, make her highly effective in her craft."

E. Teutsch, Board of Directors & Senior Commercial Advisor Cambridge Orthopedic Labs, Ltd

"We established expectations very early in the process and continually monitored progress against those requirements. My experience is very broad and needed help focusing my current job search. We developed an action plan that I will be executing. My expectations have been fully met."

T. Pollard, Automation Informatics Consultant


"Marion's ability to quickly pickup on group dynamics and translate that quickly into how to keep the momentum going and meetings on task is unprecedented. She was able to recognize nuances over the course of our two day workshop and point them out to the group leads so they could address them and stay on track."

L. Laprade Sr. Scientist

Some organizations we've worked with:

- through Witte Consulting

Girl Scouts
Mount Olive
sterling med devices
safe and sound

- in partnership with Crothers Consulting


- in partnership with Primeast NA


- in partnership with EY Lane4